Best set of Compression Bags for packing

It’s easier to fit everything into a carry-on bag if you shrink your stuff. When you pack with these compression sacks, you can compress bulky items up to 80%, saving a lot of luggage space.

Made of durable vinyl, these waterproof bags are also great for keeping wet or dirty clothes away from everything else. The set of three different sizes covers many different uses.

Why is this the best?
The best compression bags save you packing space
The Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac Set is the best because (a) it’s incredibly useful for saving space when you pack, (b) these compression bags are higher quality and more durable than others on the market, and (c) the set of three covers gives you the versatility to cover many situations.

The compression bags are easy to use. Just take your bulky items, put them in the bag, and zip up the top. Then you roll the bag up, and it squeezes the air out the patented one-way pressure valve. You’re left with a compact, air-tight package that takes a fraction of the space of the original. Depending on the item, you get a space savings up to 80%.

Use compression sacks for your bulkiest items like wool sweaters, fleece jackets, winter scarves, or an airplane travel blanket. You can also use a smaller size for underwear and socks. Anything that’s not too prone to wrinkles works well.

The waterproof compression bags are also perfect for dirty clothes. Who cares if those get wrinkled? Pack it all in a compression bag, and the dirty stuff is safely isolated from your clean clothes.

Once you start using these compression sacks, you’ll find other ideas, too. Use a small size to pack a wet swimsuit at the end of your trip. Use one to keep a set of clothes clean on a camping trip. Take one to the beach, for any wet or sandy items.

This set includes three different sizes, so you can use one for socks, another for sweaters, and a third for a jacket or that pile of dirty clothes.

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