Choose the best backpack that can survive in harsh weather

Are you planning to buy a new backpack for your next trip? Are you wondering which backpack is suitable for you?Do you want to buy the best backpack that fulfills your requirements? If yes, you need to do spend some time researching the best backpack. Remember that there is no right model for anyone, and you need to first analyze your requirements before buying a backpack. There is a wide range of backpack options, making it daunting for beginners and experienced backpackers.

The most important things to focus on includes -picking the right material of right size and look for features that fulfill your travelling requirements. I spent almost 2 hours picking out my first backpack. Also, that was after hours of online research. In this post, we will guide you how to choose the right backpack in terms of size, capacity, features etc that fit your needs.

Size and capacity

One of the most important things consider while buying backpack is determining the capacity, and not the size. There is no sense in taking a big size backpack, if it cannot accommodate all your belongings. This will entirely depend on what you plant to use it for and how many items you are planning to take. People often think rucksacks as backpacks. There is a lot of difference between the both, Rucksacks are larger and backpacks are smaller. Backpacks are measured by the capacity of pockets in liters. It is ideal to look at the actual dimensions to get an idea of how big the backpack is.


The most common features to look for in backpack are – compression straps, hip belts, back & chest straps, pockets & compartments, waterproofing, external clips, internal frames etc. Small backpacks are very versatile and are ideal for a day trip.

Compression straps – compression straps help you pull the backpack tight to reduce the volume of pack and minimize the movement of items.

Back & chest straps – These are essential to ensure a good fit. Moreover, they help you reduce the weight on your back and shoulders. For large backpacks, you can adjust the height of straps depending on the length of your back.


Look for backpacks with multiple internal pockets and compartments that are useful in separating the contents. Moreover, these compartments are essential for storing valuable items like – pen drives, SD cards, mobiles etc.


Look for waterproof backpacks that protect your belongings from getting wet. A waterproof backpack like – X-Core Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack is ideal for anything from an extended hike to travel around the world. Additionally, these are designed to hold a substantial amount of luggage and have plenty of pockets for storage.

By considering the above points, you can buy the best backpack that fit your needs. You may wish to choose a backpack with plethora of features, if you are a regular traveler. Picking the best backpack for your adventure trip can be anything, but simple of you follow the above guide.

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