4 Water Parks In Bali That Are Recommended And Interesting To Visit

Bali Water Parks

Bali has various tourist destinations ranging from nature, shopping, and educational tours. The Island of the Gods is also famous for its thick culture and beautiful beaches. Not only that, but the Waterbom Bali tourist attraction is also a favourite of tourists.

These water parks with various rides are indeed the choice of tourists who come with families. To find out the interesting water park attractions in Bali, let’s see the full review below.

Recommendations for Favorite and Interesting Bali Water Parks to Visit.

Bali has many attractions, such as water parks, that are in demand by tourists both from within and outside the country. There are many water parks in Bali that are recommended to be visited with the fzmily, including the following.

1. Splash Waterpark Kuta Canggu

Splash Waterpark can be a recommendation for exciting vacation spots in Bali. This waterpark, located in Canggu, North Kuta, has easy access from Seminyak Beach.

This water attraction offers a variety of international-class rides. Tourists will also be presented with views of the beautiful waterpark.

2. Circus Waterpark

The next recommended water park in Bali is Circus Waterpark. This tourist attraction offers a variety of exciting and adrenaline-pumping water rides. This waterpark is also designed to be child-friendly so that children can enjoy it with adults.

Its location near Ngurah Rai International Airport makes Circus Waterpark visited by many tourists.

3. New Kuta Green Park

New Kuta Green Park is a popular water park in Bali. This tourist attraction, located not far from the GWK Bali Statue or about 8 kilometres away, is highly recommended to visit with the family.

This water park carries a child-friendly concept so that tourists who come with children don’t have to worry about their safety. This water park also has games for adults, not only children’s games.

In the middle of the area, children can use a pool shower and a mini slide. Meanwhile, there is also an adrenaline-pumping slide specifically for adults in a separate location.

4. Surf & Turf Nusa Dua

Different from other water parks in Bali, Surf & Turf Nusa Dua offers the concept of surfing or surfing in an artificial pool. Its height reaches 6 meters and allows tourists to glide fast with a refreshing splash of water.

This tourist attraction also provides a variety of exciting rides such as flow rivers and water slides. Because of its location on the edge of Nusa Dua Beach, this water park is always crowded with tourists.

Some of the recommendations for Bali water parks above can be a reference for tourists who want to spend vacation time with family, relatives, or friends. In addition to offering exciting rides, the scenery around Waterbom Bali is no less beautiful.