5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in Te Anau


We know of a great place that you should visit while in New Zealand. It’s the ideal destination for those travelling around in a campervan hire New Zealand. Full of history and beautiful places, Te Anau is a must visit area of this beautiful country.

Conveniently located for those hoping to visit some of the most beautiful spots in the country, Te Anau is the town that you should make a priority to visit. Just imagine lake views and mountains in the distance, as well as the ability to explore Milford Sound nearby. It’s truly one of the most idyllic spots for your road trip in a campervan hire New Zealand.

This town is so picturesque, it feels like it should belong in a painting. Whether you’re travelling on a romantic getaway or with your family, it’s a great location to see, no matter who or how you’re visiting. If you want to visit this lovely location right near Milford Sound and Kepler Tracks, follow this advice below:

  1. Don’t get stuck in crowds. This would be the one negative we could suggest you avoid while in Te Anau. Unfortunately, because it’s so beautiful in the area, there are a lot of people visiting from all over. There are a few things that you can do to avoid the crowds while visiting Te Anau. You can consider visiting when it’s low season, so you won’t run into issues with mass tourism or you could choose tours and experiences at earlier or later times.
  2. Don’t miss out on exploring Milford Sound. Just don’t. It’s one of the best places in all of New Zealand and an experience that you won’t soon forget. Whether you take a boat through the fiords or you hike the treks overlooking the water, you can be sure that it’s a worthwhile experience.
  3. Don’t hesitate to enjoy a visit to the Te Anau Glow Worm Caves. An activity that a lot of New Zealand visitors enjoy is a trip to the Te Anau Glow Worm Caves. Just imagine arriving to an underground world that is dark at first but then lights up with the glow of a lot of glowworms? It’s not an experience that you will have just any day so if you’re already going to be in Te Anau, make a point of seeing one of the most famous spots in the area. If you’re staying for a few days or more, it should be easy to fit a visit to the caves into your itinerary. It won’t take you long to see but is certainly worth it.

4.Bird lovers shouldn’t miss out on a visit to the Te Anau Bird Sanctuary. Some people enjoy watching birds. While I can totally understand observing the adorable penguins in certain areas of New Zealand, I’m not much for sitting and observing animals in the sky. But, you might be. If so, then you’re in luck. The Te Anau Bird Sanctuary is a gorgeous destination that you’ll want to visit that has both beautiful nature views, as well as an abundance of bird species. It’s no secret that New Zealand is full of amazing species of all kinds and that includes the birds here. You’ll have the opportunity to see ones that you’ve never seen before.

  1. Don’t skip on visiting Fiordland National Park. If I could emphasize one place where you want to make sure that you visit while in Te Anau it would have to be Fiordland National Park. The land of the fiords is truly gorgeous and if you’re one of those social media fanatics, you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of picture-taking opportunities. From Milford Tack to Doubtful Sound, plenty of trails, and a lot of beautiful marine life, this nature wonderland is one that you won’t want to miss out on. If there is any one thing that you shouldn’t do, it would be skipping out on a day trip in the Fiordland National Park. Trust us, it’s worth your effort. Plus, you’ll be able to fill up your Instagram with worthy photos.

In Conclusion

Te Anau is the small town that deserves recognition in New Zealand. While it may not be that big in size, it’s truly big in wonders. Near some of the nation’s best locations, you can sit back and relax in this beautiful town with views of the beauty surrounding it while being able to also enjoy the nearby adventures and experiences in the region.

Whether you’re arriving in your campervan hire New Zealand or you’re catching a flight and will be staying in local lodging, you can be sure that you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the nature that surrounds Te Anau. Pack your bags. Beauty awaits you in New Zealand.