Best Brunch Spots in La Jolla, California

Brunch Spots in La Jolla

Brunch is finally making a well-deserved comeback. For too long, it’s been an underrated meal — but it’s the perfect balance between breakfast and lunch, plus the promise of booze. There’s nothing like a scrumptious brunch in a gorgeous location, so don’t oversleep while you’re in La Jolla.

Eat Brunch All Day at Harry’s Coffee Shop

Harry’s Coffee Shop has been a staple in La Jolla since 1960. Deservedly known as the “Toast of the Town,” Harry’s looks like a down-home diner, a vibe that’s reflected in the menu. You can get breakfast all day. The fare is simple but unfailingly palate-pleasing.

Locals love the scrambles and the Eggs Benedict. They can’t resist Harry’s breakfast burritos or the French toast. You can even munch on bagels and smoked salmon. Naturally, the coffee’s fantastic, but it’s brunch — you have to enjoy a little tipple. The mimosas are must-haves but go for the Greyhound if you’re feeling adventurous.

The atmosphere is laid-back and casual, making it the perfect place for a lazy Sunday afternoon meal. Harry’s prices will please your wallet. A short stack is less than $7, and the steak and eggs are less than $20, plus you get heaping servings for your money. There’s no better cure for a wild Saturday night.

Enjoy a Hipster Breakfast at The Cottage

Image via Flickr by mliu92

The Cottage is a favorite among La Jolla natives, who love recommending the place to visitors. The charming restaurant, with its picket fence, country kitchen, and beachy patio, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but breakfast is your target.

From coffee cake and fruit bowls to lemon ricotta pancakes and omelets aplenty, you’ll want at least ten items on the menu, guaranteed. Will it be the Mexicali Benedict with soy chorizo, cotija, and a hollandaise made from roasted poblano peppers on corn cakes? How about a fried egg sandwich with bacon, gruyere, arugula, tomato, onion, and lemon aioli on sourdough?

There’s always a wait at The Cottage, and it’s first come, first served. Dress comfortably, but on the sharper side of casual. The prices are astounding — excluding add-ons, the most expensive items on the breakfast menu are only $15. Brunch here is almost worth a weekly cross-country flight. At the very least, use Hotel Planner to find La Jolla hotels near The Cottage. Make it your go-to brunch spot during your visit.

Brunch by the Sea at Brockton Villa

With its sweeping ocean views, rustic beach chic interior, and a mouth-watering menu, Brockton Villa is the top spot for an elevated and fancy brunch. The restaurant’s most popular brunch dish is Coast Toast, a French toast that resembles a soufflé.

You could also try the chilaquiles, with your choice of carnitas or soy chorizo, scrambled eggs, ancho chile salsa, guacamole, and pico de gallo. There’s even a corned beef hash, brined in beer right in-house. The many egg dishes are impressive — and much too tempting.

The prices are comparable to other brunch spots, with some dishes running a bit higher. You’re paying for food you’ll dream about eating again, though. The atmosphere is casual posh, so opt for a lax but polished dress code.

Is your stomach growling yet? What are you ordering for brunch?