Enjoy with your family in Phuket

family in Phuket

Phuket is the biggest city of Thailand that has lots of resorts. It has lots of beaches too. It is a great destination for family holiday. You can also plan a family vacation there. It is a great idea for spending quality time with your family. The happiness when you see your children enjoying with smiles on their faces is beyond words. This way you also get to love your wife again that you were not able to do with the work and tiredness of the city. A holiday in Phuket can help you to relax for some time and gives you time to think for the future of your family. There is a lot of family fun waiting for you there; you take your family to:

Trickeye museum:  this museum has some very good 3D sculpture and paintings that can amaze you and your family. These paintings are painted by some extraordinary artists that have skills to make the painting look real. You must visit this place to see the illusion created by the skills of some wonderful painters. The building of the museum is two stories and filled with approximately 100 sculptures.

Surf house: Does your kid ever begs you that he wants you to take him to the sea for surfing. If yes, then you can fulfill his dream of surfing that too in a safe place with totally safe conditions in Phuket. There is also a bar and restaurant aside the surfing area. You and your wife can relax there while your kids do the surf.

Baan teelanka: It is a great work of architecture that your kids will definitely like it. This house is totally upside down from the outside as well as from the inside. You will find the chairs, table, and other furniture also on the top of the roof and the lights along with the roof on the floor. This marvelous work will shock you also.