Experience Asia Authentically


Are you planning a trip to Asia any time in the near or distant future? If you are, it’s not surprising. Asia is an amazing destination and offers a smorgasbord of truly amazing countries and experiences for travellers. Not to mention the fact that for travellers on a Westerner’s budget, most of the things that you can experience in Asia are incredibly affordable.

Maybe you want to watch mist rise over The Great Wall of China or maybe you want to eat French-Asian fusion cuisine in Vietnam. If you’re a hiker, you might be interested in exploring Nepal and rambling through the foothills of the Himalayas. Or perhaps you’re the particularly adventurous type and you even want to ride elephants in Thailand or sample their world-famous deep fried crickets.

Difficulties Associated with Traveling to Asia

These are all amazing travel goals and experiences that many of us have dreamed of having, but it is often difficult to achieve them in an authentic way. Western travel agencies that organise trips to Asia tend to understand the region in a very vague way and therefore the experiences they direct their travellers toward are very pre-packaged. They are the kind of experiences that are designed for tourists and don’t let you really tap into what a region is genuinely like or enable you to meet locals and immerse yourself in their culture.

A New Way of Traveling in Asia

That’s when Backyard Travel can help you out and why they’re so adored by their customer base. The trips to Asia that they organise are truly authentic and unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Select from one of many destinations including Bhutan, Laos, Japan, Myanmar, Borneo, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and China and enjoy a bespoke tour that’s been designed to deliver you an insider’s view of the country of your choice.

How Does It Work?

The difference between these travel specialists and the ones that you might encounter at your local mall is that they actually live and work in Asia. That’s why they’re so well-positioned to truly deliver you an insider’s experience. Each and every bespoke tour that you can purchase is tailor-made, planned by locals who know the destination as if it’s the backs of their hands.

What Are You Waiting for?

If you’re an adventurous traveller who is keen on trying out what Robert Frost called the road less travelled, then booking one of these bespoke tours might just be for you. Walk along a beautiful Balinese beach, explore a mist-covered monastery, or discover the Putao region. These images might sound familiar to you, but the experiences you have will be nothing like the ones other travellers you’ve encountered have had. Guided by those who call Asia their backyard, experience the continent at its most authentic. You’re guaranteed to come away with a truckload of incredible experiences that you would never otherwise have had and memories that will endure throughout your lifetime. Who knows, you might even gain a little bit of wisdom and learn some life lessons along the way.