Hidden Treasure In Garrafon Park Of Isla Mujeres

Garrafon Park Of Isla Mujeres

Garrafon Park is one of the nice destinations in Isla Mujeres, Cancun. It is famous destination in Mexico. When you are planning to have vacation and you need to have enough doses of sea vibes, the Garrafon Park is great choices. You will get perfect experiences in enjoying the sea and the one that you will explore is the Caribbean Sea. Of course, it I not about pirate and you will focus on enjoying the beauty offered by the natural park. There are many ways to enjoy these beauties and the park has provided you with necessary options of activities.

Snorkel Tour Isla Mujeres becomes one of the popular options. The Garrafon Park has beautiful sea vibe. Clean and blue water can be found in the park and it is perfect spot for snorkeling. Of course, when it comes to snorkeling, you need more than just the nice sea water. Your target is to see the beautiful marine lives under the water. Fortunately, the park is still preserved well and there are reefs that become home of various marine lives. You can enjoy snorkeling and you do not need to worry about equipment to do it. Team of Garrafon Park has provided you with all necessary equipments for snorkeling. You will also get assisted to use all of those equipments before you start snorkeling. Those who are not confident to swim and snorkel, they can wear the vest to increase the safety.

There are other ways to enjoy the beauty of Garrafon Park. One of them is to use kayak. You can row the kayak to explore the water. Of course, it is quite challenging since kayak is not similar to regular boats. The challenge is to maintain your balance and you need to use your power to row the kayak and make it move. Of course, it is part of the excitement since once you have started to handle the kayak well, you can row easily and you can start exploring the area of Caribbean Sea in the Garrafon Park. Next, you can have zip line exploration. The park provides you with zip line. You need to climb to the spot where the zip line is installed and it is like making a short climbing or hiking. The zip line is up to 30 meters above the water surface. It is like a flying fox where you will fly by using the zip line and you will be able to see the beautiful sea water from above while you are moving.

Snorkel in Isla Mujeres, kayaking, and even the zip line is attractive but it may make you tired. When you want to recharge your energy, you can find the Temazcal. This is actually part of the ancient ritual from the local people and it is believed to be effective to maintain your health. Basically, the ritual is about steam bath. You can experience it and it will be nice relaxation. The ancient people believe that the Temazcal is effective to remove impurities inside the body and you will be able to experience nice effect.