business meeting room

Meetings are a necessary part of managing an organisation, and their benefits are manifest in the smooth operation of the company, achievement of targets and goals, strong cooperation between the employees and management, as well as employee fulfilment.

However, having effective corporate meetings has continued to prove elusive for many companies across the world irrespective of the size of the organization. In most instances, one finds that meetings nowadays hamper the productivity of employees, and scarcely have any benefits to the company. The result is the company’s inability to meet its objectives.

The following tips can help your business make your company meetings more effective.

  1. Choose the right venue

The right venue is essential when it comes to holding an effective corporate meeting. There is no standard for the right venue, as long as basic meeting requirements are met. These requirements include minimal external distractions, sufficient number of power outlets, sufficient space for each attendant, fast Internet access, and adequate visual presentation tools. Hence, you can hold an effective corporate meeting anywhere including a meeting room within the office as long as the basic equipment is available.

It should be noted that the ambience of your meeting venue can also enhance the effectiveness of the meeting. For instance, having a meeting at a luxury hotel, the likes of Hotel Central Jakarta, can improve the effectiveness of the corporate meeting. This is because the unique, and luxurious ambience can help improve attention and attitude towards the meeting, and the agenda being discussed. Luxury hotels are ideal for end of year meetings.

  1. Inform participants of agenda beforehand

You need to let your employees know of the agenda you have set for the meeting before the actual meeting day. Knowing the agenda beforehand will help your employees prepare in advance, do some research, as well as establish how they can contribute to the meeting. They are also more prepared to learn from the meeting. This way, the participants will be able to reap maximum gain from the meeting.

  1. Change attitudes towards meetings

Another reason corporate meetings are seen as a hindrance to performance is because of the attitudes towards such corporate functions. Employees as well as management usually have a poor attitude towards company meetings, which significantly contributes to the ineffectiveness of the meetings.

The company culture and attitude towards meetings needs to change in order for them to have a positive impact on business operations. For instance, arriving late for a meeting should have serious consequences for the individual. Everyone, including the management should be encouraged to arrive early for every meeting.

In addition, everyone should be encouraged to come prepared for the meetings. Create a culture where consistently coming to the meeting unprepared is strongly frowned upon by everyone in the company.

  1. Keep meetings positive

Meetings should never descend into a shouting match, as this might traumatize participants, and leave a bad perception about consecutive company meetings. Employees will fear attending meetings because they do not want to be on the receiving end of a scolding from fellow employees and the management.

The meeting should not be used as an opportunity to criticize others regardless of rank in the company structure. Open and public criticism breeds fear and contempt, which will have strong ramifications on the company culture.

Employees will be less inclined to participate in meetings where they know they will be heavily criticised for their opinions and ideas.  

However, if there is a positive atmosphere in the meeting, then constructive dialogue can be pursued, problems can be solved, and everyone critically understands their role in taking the company forward.

Keep the meeting fun and light so that everyone eagerly participates in it, and contributes meaningful ideas that can be implemented.