Interesting Facts To Know Before You Visit Sydney

Visit Sydney

Sydney is a popular holiday destination for many. Especially, if you are more like a luxurious traveller, then Sydney will always excite you. No one ever misses Sydney while visiting Australia. And it is a place that is filled with grand restaurants, shopping malls and lavish resorts. There is no way you can forget visiting Sydney as is the world’s one of the happening places.

Here are some of the interesting facts to know before you visit Sydney.

Perfect Staying Options

Sydney has no shortage of hotels, motels, resorts and bed-n-breakfast accommodation. You can find both affordable and expensive hotels as per your choice. For instance, you may book your stay with the Savoy Hotel Sydney and experience a better lifestyle in your vacation.

Wear The Right

Sydney is all about looking smart and casual all the time. And your dress code should be accordingly. Lightweight shirts, t-shirts, jeans, casual dresses and chinos are most common. You need to pack your bag with soft, cool shaded and cotton clothes as the place can be too hot during day time. Wear vibrant and beautiful colours. Even the pubs and bars have a very relaxed dress code. In the night, you can wear a formal dress or suit as people out there mostly dress flawlessly during that time. People visiting beaches should carry proper beach wears and flip-flops are great options.

Getting Around

The transportation system is very extensive in Sydney that enables citizens and tourists to explore and move around easily. Once you are there you should not forget to visit Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the Rocks. You can easily access these places conveniently through trains, buses, light rails and ferries.

Water Ride

No matter what you do just do not forget to take a water ride in Sydney. An evening trip through the harbour will be a memory of a lifetime. It is one of the best ways to get around and explore the local area. Ferries depart after every 30 to 40 minutes and you may ride for half an hour or more depending on your plan of sightseeing.

Exciting Places

To see the two most famous attractions near Sydney that are the Royal National Park and Featherdale Wildlife Park you need to rent a car. Every tourist makes it a point to visit these two places and make some of the most splendid moments.

Time To Visit

You can visit any time in Sydney if you want to. But it is always better to visit between October to March. This is the best season and the most peak season. So you can expect high prices of flights and accommodation. Therefore always look for some cheap flight deals or plan to visit during the offseason.

No Tipping

You do not need to tip to a waiter or cab drivers. Sydney is a rich city and the wages are comparatively high. So there is no customary rule of tipping.

Love to travel? Sydney is surely a world-class place to have fun. From great cuisines to outstanding city vibe, this place will make you fall for it. Just pack everything right and set off for a superior destination.