Let a Serviced Apartment Improve Your Holiday in Fremantle


Serviced apartments offer a great deal more value for your money than standard hotels and they come with all the comforts of home that you love. For most people in search of holiday accommodation, a hotel is the first choice on the list. Unless you need to stay in Fremantle, Perth for just a day or two, this is simply not your best option. This alternative not only works out to be cheaper but has more and better amenities and the privacy you enjoy is unlike anything a traditional hotel could offer.

A serviced apartment is essentially an apartment that is fully-furnished and offers everything you love about your own home. However, it is run similar to the way a hotel is run with maid services and other employees on hand to help you enjoy your experience. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be staying for weeks at a time to make the apartments worth the trouble and it is now possible to book them for short-term stays as well.

More Space

For about the same price, you can enjoy far more space than you ever could in a hotel. This is one of the biggest benefits of this type of accommodation in Fremantle, Perth. These apartments generally have separate living and dining areas, and the areas are even larger if you book the more luxurious options. In a hotel, you have little more than a bed and undersized wash area to use during your stay and this simply cannot be sustained if you travel in a group or with family. During holiday plans with heavy itineraries and rushed schedules, you need to know that you can go home to spacious and comfortable accommodations at the end of the day.

Family or Group Convenience

When you need to find space to fit a large number of people, you can book serviced apartments with multiple rooms and bathrooms to ensure that everyone has his or her privacy. This can also work well for couples traveling with children or with another couple and everyone can still spend time together in the shared lounge room. At the end of a long day, it helps when everyone can take a moment away from each other and enjoy some time alone. To make it all easier, splitting the price among group members will make the cost of the apartments even more cost-effective.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

One of the biggest benefits next to space and privacy is the fully-equipped kitchen and it will cut down on your costs significantly. Rather than eating out every evening, visit the local markets and bring home some fresh local produce and meats. With the stocked kitchen at your disposal, you can taste the many delicious flavours known to Fremantle without ever leaving your serviced apartment. Take this time to create bonding moments within your groups or your family and save money for other activities during your stay.

Laundry Services

Unlike a hotel, you have access to a washer and dryer to ensure that your clothes are clean during your stay. When you book a serviced apartment, you can pack fewer outfits and make more room for souvenirs and other trinkets you buy during your stay. After all is said and done, you deserve the chance to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.