Love Golf and Looking for a Different Kind of Holiday


Most people save their money all year in preparation for an end of year family holiday that will be memorable. Of course, the reality is that most of the places that we go to on holiday we’ve been to before. It’s a case of doing the same old thing year after year, because it is cheaper, easier, and more familiar. But what if you could go on a holiday in your own country, or even overseas, and have the time of your life doing something that is close to your heart?

Unique activity based holidays, such as golfing, walking, and cycling, have all become quite popular in recent years. Their selling point is that they offer a memorable experience doing something very different to the norm. For keen amateur golfers, for instance, the chance to go on a golfing holiday and do what they love would seem like a dream!

What a Golfing Holiday Can Offer You

If you’re an avid golfer, it’s likely that you don’t find a lot of time in between work and family commitments for your passion. But what if you could take your whole family on holiday and still enjoy games of golf without raining on anyone’s parade? This is exactly what a golfing holiday offers!

If you’re still not sure of what a golfing holiday can offer you, consider the following:

  • See the sights: Have you ever wanted to play on some of the best golf courses in Australia, but haven’t had the chance? Or maybe you have always dreamed of playing a round on the famous Pebble Beach golf course in the US where the Masters ply their trade? If you’ve always wanted to do any of this, why not check out golf holidays in Australia or another exciting location? You’ll get to play on some of the best golf courses in the world and enjoy the sights, just as the professionals do.
  • Exercise: Most holidays are about relaxing and not doing very much at all. A golfing holiday offers you the opportunity to play a game that you love and get some nice gentle exercise at the same time. What other kind of holiday can boast that?
  • For the family: If you’re the only one in your family obsessed with golf and you’re worried that everyone else might not enjoy a golfing holiday the same way that you do, you can rest easy knowing that the golfing holiday specialists will find a place where you can enjoy your game and where your family can relax in nearby resorts and spas for as long as they want. What other holiday is as guilt-free as this?

For The Enthusiastic Golf Tragic

If you tend to go to the same places every year for your holiday and feel like implementing a change, why not look at a golfing holiday? You’ll get to combine your passion for the game with the experience of staying in a lovely location. Your family will even be living it up in the lap of luxury!