Luxury Tourism Focuses on Conservation in Cambodia


Travel today and in the future will focus on conservation initiatives. This is already being demonstrated in Cambodia, where sustainable developments are being touted in the business community, thereby leading to investments in private resort properties.

Barefoot Luxury

You might say that a private resort on an island is the epitome of barefoot luxury. Bespoke itineraries are also featured and weddings often take place in these types of settings. The retreat or luxury holiday itself gives the visitor the chance to relax and detox at the same time. This is the ideal way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Some of the Activities

One of the major lures of an exclusive private island resort is the activities that you normally do not enjoy in your regular life. These activities can include an island safari or an in-villa movie experience. Some visitors like to kayak on the sea whilst others prefer snorkelling. Other pursuits are more relaxing, such as Buddhist ceremonies, afternoon meditations, or a morning yoga routine.

A Nature Treasure Hunt

Naturally, since you are in an island setting, you can explore places that you cannot explore anywhere else. For example, scuba diving excursions allow you to discover the world beneath the sea. You can also take part in a nature treasure hunt.

An Island Safari

Whatever you wish to do, you can make the experience unique, especially when you are on your own private island. One of the sustainable adventures that you won’t want to miss is the island safari. In Cambodia, an adventure of this kind may take place on the islands of Koh Ouen and Koh Bong.

A conservation guide usually takes visitors on the journey and introduces them to the ecosystems, habitats, and local animal and plant species. These types of safaris are tailored for children, families, or adults. Therefore, each safari is geared toward the interests of a particular group.

An Eco-Friendly Retreat

If you enjoy an island adventure that is based on sustainability, you will learn a lot about the natural world of the island you are visiting. Not only is this trip a luxurious way to travel but it also offers a beneficial way to learn more about our eco-system and planet.

Support Your Love of the Natural World

Whether you choose to snorkel, scuba dive, or meditate, you will find that you will become immersed in the island experience. This type of experience not only supports a person’s love of nature but it also enables him or her to learn more about an island’s culture. Therefore, if you want to plan an escape that is well worth the money and time, you want to schedule a trip to an eco-friendly isle. Developers in Cambodia today are trailblazers in this travel choice.