Stay at a five star hotel

five star hotel

If you are ever in Jakarta, for either business or pleasure, or both, be sure to stay at the Ayana Jakarta Midplaza hotel. It is a five-star hotel with a great ambiance and high-quality staff who provide professional service.

When traveling, there are many places you can stay at. A simple internet search will lead you to numerous places and homes that you can live in for the period of your visit.

However, the best choice you can make is to choose a reputable hotel and book yourself in.

Listed are some reasons you want to stay at a five-star hotel.


Hotel stays are highly convenient. First, the location. Five-star hotels especially those found in cities are located at highly convenient locations. When living at a five-star hotel, you are never far from anywhere.

Another factor of convenience is that five-star hotels have additional services that you can enjoy. You can have your laundry done for you conveniently rather than having to do it yourself had you chosen some other mode of accommodation.

Great views

With great locations, comes great views. The hotel central Jakarta is located in the heart of the city. It then towers high above most of the buildings around it.

Taking up a room in this hotel will ensure that you wake up to a beautiful view of the city. The hotel, ensures that you have this experience. The rooms are designed with large windows that allow lots of natural light into the room and also allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the city below you.


Hotels go out of their way to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. This is what the people who work there have been trained to do. When they meet your standards and go beyond your expectations in providing comfort, they know they have a loyal customer.

Five-star hotels have large rooms with large beds that you can sleep in comfortably after a long flight or a long day of business or fun. In addition, you can order room service and enjoy some good food in the comfort of your room. Or, you can opt to clean up, put on your best smile and have it served at the hotel restaurant.

Its relaxing

In a hotel, most of the people there are cheerful and happy. Even those conducting the most serious business over a meal have a sunny disposition about them. There is something about food, a good ambiance and professional service that helps people relax and smile more.

As part of their job, hotels are designed to have lots of light and space to ensure that you get comfortable as soon as you walk into their doors. The cool music playing in the background, reflective floor surfaces and the mingling with other guests helps you relax.

Socializing and networking

Staying at a five-star hotel helps you enhance your social networks. Most times, hotels have restaurants where people get to meet and socialize in the evenings after work or during the weekends.

Talking to all the new people you meet in this location can lead to lasting friendships or even highly lucrative business ideas and deals.

Meeting new people and starting conversations at a hotel is quite easy given the relaxed atmosphere and the relaxed people around you.

They look after your wellness

Hotels have gyms where you can stroll into and have yourself bursting with energy after a workout session. Hotel gyms are well equipped with everything you need for a beneficial workout session. You can even get access to a certified trainer who can guide and advise you on the best diet and exercise for your body.

They also have spas where you can pop in and leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


A stay at a five-star hotel is highly enjoyable, relaxing and will always have you yearning to come back.