The Best five Snorkeling tours of the Napali Coast in Kauai 2020

Napali Coast in Kauai

Kauai is the 4th largest Island in Hawaii. It is also the second oldest Hawaiian Island to have existed. It is often popularly called the Garden Isle because of its spectacular beauty. It has towering mountains and lush vegetation with a vast tropical rainforest. Kauai has a host of scenic treasures that attract tourism round the clock from around the world. Over the years the Island has remained largely undeveloped and this adds to its unique and antique charm. It has beautiful waterfalls tumbling down from the Napali coast cliffs and sprinkling into the blue ocean.

One of the best ways to explore this beautiful Island is by grabbing your fins and diving mask – that is right, we are going snorkeling. The clear blue water and beautiful reefs and aquatic wildlife make this Island one of the most visited spots for snorkeling tours. Snorkeling is way less easy and less complicated compared to scuba diving. And it also allows you view the aquatic environment in its natural state. If you are looking to visit this beautiful Island, there are tons of tours that offer different and amazing packages. Some of these tours also offer scuba tours, dinner cruise tour, hiking or full day package tours.

There are also fun snorkeling packages that are child friendly. One of the best Napali coast snorkeling tours I have had was by Explore Kauai Scuba. They offered different fun and affordable tour packages and I got to experience the full beauty and uniqueness of the Island. When I toured with Explore Kauai Scuba, it was not done in a hurry like many tourists do because they want to make more money and attend to other tourists. We went in a small group of six or less for the different tours, I thought this was also great because each of us had our own individual quality experience. Before I forget, Explore Kauai Scuba also offered free gear rentals for any of their tours.

Now let us dive right into the fun and insightful tours you can do on this Island.

  • Napali Snorkel dinner cruise:

Guests are shipped off on a boat cruise from port Allen Marina and taken along the Napali coastline. Through this route, you will be shown valleys, cliffs, waterfalls, and the lush mountainous landscape of the Island. Before sunset, the boat is stopped for visitors who want to snorkel and meet amazing and colorful fishes and turtles. This tour is concluded with a 3-course buffet meal as the sun falls and casts a lovely hue over the visitors on the cruise. This is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have.

  • Fun-sea Snorkel:

This tour is the best package for families, kids and first-time snorkelers who are not yet comfortable snorkeling on their own. This tour usually takes place in Lawai or Anini Beach. They are clear, blue, and shallow beaches filled with bright and beautiful fishes, turtles, and coral reefs. This tour is super safe for first timers and kids because these snorkel spots are only 8 – 10 ft deep and in any case, instructors are always around to ease you into it.

  • Napali coast Snorkel and Rafting tour:

In this tour, a motor raft is used to move guests through the sea caves lined up along the Napali coast under the waterfalls and head to Nu’alolo Kai as a snorkeling destination spot. This spot has a beautiful garden reef. During this tour, you will find sea animals like turtles, spinner dolphins and if you are lucky to be there at the time of their migration, humpback whales. You will learn the history of the caves, experience the waterfalls, and have a snorkeling experience to recount for many years to come.

  • Ni’ihau forbidden Island tour:

The forbidden Island is closed off to strangers and it houses the Island’s critically endangered species, the Hawaiian monk seal– a little over a thousand is left of this endemic aquatic animals. Depending on your depth you could even also spot some sharks hundreds of feet below. This tour is along the northwestern Napali coastline. It has an amazing view and beautiful reefs. The tour takes you close to the forbidden Island for your snorkeling adventure. Snorkelers claim this is the best snorkeling spot in the whole Island.

  • Napali and Ni’ihau snorkel cruise:

Strange names, yeah? This tour will take almost the entire day to complete. It starts in the morning with a breakfast cruise, taking visitors along the Napali coastline, through the sea caves and under the waterfalls. Then the cruise heads towards the forbidden Island where snorkelers can dive in for a dip and some underwater sightseeing. Lunch or dinner could be a part of this package, in any case be ready for a mind-blowing experience.

Please note: Children and first-time snorkelers always must be supervised. If you are a first timer you would do well to speak with a guide or an instructor about assistance and help at sea. Snorkeling may not be the best idea if you cannot swim. There are other tours and experiences you can enjoy on the Island or a coastal tourist destination.