The Definitive Guide for A Car Camping in Summer

Car Camping in Summer

I go on camping with my family during school holidays but sometimes I prefer solo camping for refreshing myself from the daily hectic work schedule. During summer, I have to do car camping as the outside weather is too hot to handle for anyone.

During summer days, the outside temperature is very high, so it’s not possible to set up a tent in an open field and sleep inside it. Therefore I turn my car into a camping tent for feeling safe and comfortable.

4 Tips for Car Camping in Summer

When you decide to go to camping, the first thing you decide is location. Thereafter you arrange other stuff depending upon your needs. If it is summer, I strongly recommend to check the tips I am sharing here. These tips will make your car camping cool and enjoyable even if you go in hot weather.

#1. Choose a Camping Site with River or Lake:

Summer Camping is not too hard to handle, you just need to select the right camping site. An empty field with a few trees can be a good camping site in winter and other seasons but not in the hot summer days.

You should choose a place with more trees around, make sure that trees are big enough to offer shade on your car. The shade of trees will help to keep your car away from direct sunlight so that you can stay comfortable inside the car.

In addition, you should prefer a location with a river or lake nearby it. The places nearby a river or lake are cooler than any empty forest field far from rivers. You can also use the river/lake water to cool down the exterior or your car and nearby space to reduce heat inside the car.

#2. Carry a Safe Cooking Equipment:

During camping days, you can use a portable stove or any traditional method of cooking. But lighting up fire in hot summer days will only make you more uncomfortable on camping. So, you should carry a battery powered microwave with yourself.

A portable battery powered microwave can make cooking and reheating food easier during camping time. You don’t need to get out of the car, light up fire and stay outside in hot weather till the food is cooked. You can use the microwave inside your car to cook/heat up your food safely.

The battery powered microwaves connect with the 12V cigarette lighter port of your car. You can also get a 24V microwave if your car/SUV has 24V port.

#3. Cover Your Camping Car with a Tent of Tarps & Awnings:

You can do camping in your big car but do cover your car with a tent for shading purposes. You should use tarps and awnings to create a tent over your car. These two things are capable to reduce a large amount of heat waves (or hot air) from hitting your car exterior.

When you set up a tent, make sure that you leave some part for ventilation. If there is wind coming from a direction, keep the tent in a way to allow the wind. Creating tent will make your car comfortable to sit and lie down.

#4. Carry a Battery Powered Fan:

The outside weather is hot in summer but you are excited for car camping and you don’t want to give up. The camping site can be too hot to handle if you are not used to hot weathers. Therefore I recommend a battery powered fan that can cool you down during camping time.

A 12V fan is very useful during camping and picnics. You can use it same as a 12V microwave, just plug it in the 12V lighter port of your car and it will start working. Such a portable fan uses much less power yet provides enough air for one person to stay peaceful inside the car.


At the end, I recommend you to carry all necessary things when you go on car camping in summer. A 12V fan, a battery powered microwave, a comfortable bed, food and things you need for creating shade over your car are very important.

You should also carry a portable toilet and toilet paper for using them on camping. You should take care of hygiene during camping days like bathe daily to save yourself from skin irritation and unwanted skin diseases.