The Essential Information for First Time Flyers


The civil aviation industry has seen unprecedented growth in the last few years. Domestic flying has seen exponential growth, with more Indians preferring to go by flight. This is primarily due to the competition among the airlines which has forced air ticket prices, to almost train ticket costs. For many of us might be first-time flyers. Here we have compiled some of the tips for air travel, which will help you have wonderful flying experience.

Pack Light

While flying you must remember that there are two types of baggage you are allowed to carry. Check in baggage and cabin baggage. However, some flights, especially those meant for short business travel, allow only cabin baggage. You must always check the maximum weight that is permitted, against your ticket, and pack according to avoid extra charges. It is always recommended to pack light and smart. Carry only what is necessary. This not will help you be within the weight limit; it is easier to carry lesser luggage while travelling. Also ensure that your essentials are in your cabin baggage, as you won’t be able to access your check-in baggage until you reach your destination.


At every airport, there is a security check. In addition to checking your valid ticket copy, you will be asked to furnish a valid original photo identification card. This can be an Aadhaar card, driver license, election id etc. It is always better to carry the original with one or two copies, just in case. This very important, and from a security point of view, it is an important step to ensure your safety.

Motion Sickness

Flying is not always very still. There can be slight turbulence, some g-force when the plane accelerates and decelerates. And during take-off and landing the flight slightly tilts. The best way to imagine this is to think of the aircraft as a see-saw, where the middle of the plane experiences minimum movement. Thus, choosing middle seats can help you against motion sickness. Also, first class seats are more comfortable and better equipped to prevent motion sickness. On extremely long flights, you might be required to upgrade if you have severe motion sickness.


Even though the view from the window of a plane is breath-taking, the radiation from the sun at such high altitudes is not very friendly. A study found that flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet meant getting as much radiation as spending 20 minutes in a tanning bed. It is believed that this sort of radiation is ten times more likely to cause malignant melanoma. However, you need not worry too much about this. There is a simple fix, sun block lotion. Yes, you have to apply some, and you are good to go and enjoy your view.

The next time you are flying keep in mind these tips and have a memorable flying journey. As Bangalore has grown into a megacity in the last decade, the number of flights to the city has increased. If you are flying from the capital make sure to check the New Delhi to Bangalore Flights Schedule before you plan your trip to the garden city.