The pastel coloured country of Cuba


Backed by a rich and colourful history, Cuba – the archipelago of 195 islands, has embraced change and opened its doors to tourists. Year by year, visitors are drawn to this island nation not only because of its legendary history but more so of a unique blend of natural wonders and equally enthralling man-made surprises the world has been curious about for the longest of time. Cuba travel is even made more special because of its strategic location of easy access at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico. Here, upon touching down after your flight to Cuba, tourists are treated to holiday of great artistry, dramatic landscapes, breathtaking diving and snorkelling sites, and monumental works ever made in time making it the undoubtedly the most exciting island in the Caribbean.


With almost 4000 miles of coastline, the choices for beaches in Cuba are almost infinite. All of which have unique characteristics but share pillowy sand coasts and pristine blue waters. Probably the most popular is Varadero Beach. It is flocked by locals and tourists alike because of its proximity to some 100 Cuba hotels and establishments. The symphony of the waves and laughter of the people under the warmth of sun alone creates an enjoyable day of frisking in the waters. In the southwestern part of archipelago lies the Cuba Cayo Largo Beach. It boasts of fine white sand and clear waters in a secluded atmosphere perfect for snorkelling and diving. The beaches of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo possess the perfect climate and the virgin beaches where tourists converge for submarine fishing.

Things to Do

A trek off the country’s 100 hiking trails and nature paths will ensure a unique Cuba travel like no other. Cuba boasts to have 4% of the world’s land species so lush tropical and mangrove forests, rare orchids and plants, flamingoes and other migratory birds, or prehistoric cacti will come as no surprise yet still a sight to behold. The gorgeous weather, as well as the enchanting waters of Cuba, is ideal for sailing and cruising. Ultimately, the treasure cove of Cuba lies underwater. It offers 30 to 40 meters of water visibility making it perfect for snorkelling and diving. Cuba is home to more than 500 varieties of corals, molluscs, fishes and crustacean making a deep-sea adventure imperative. Of course, the shipwrecks of 17th and 18th-century Spanish galleons underwater add to its charm. Nevertheless, a trip down memory lane via a stroll down the old city streets of Havana is hard to miss.


Travel to Cuba is never a disappointment for self-proclaimed shopaholics. For authentic Cuban cigars known throughout the world, the Real Fábrica de Tabacos Partagá in Havana offers cigars in affordable boxes. The merchandise of the Che Guevara is found everywhere. Cuban Rum is almost found everywhere as well most especially in Varadero. Handicraft and pottery is centred in the town of Trinidad.

Eating and Drinking

For food, the number one choice in Varadero is Kiki’s – known for their authentic Italian cooking and pizzas. In Havana, the tapas and European cuisine in Restaurant La Casa are divine. For a wide range of international cuisine, Sociedad Asturiana Castropol in Havana is the ideal option for any discriminating taste. However, if you seek adventure in your gastronomic activity, the fusion food in La Guarida is unbelievably tasty.

Nightlife in Cuba is centred in the capital city of Havana very near most Cuba hotels. It is renowned for the vibrant after-dark scene. Casa dela Musica plays distinct Cuban rhythms every night. In fact, it is known for the salsa moves with Varadero rums. Another favourite place for locals and tourists is the Tropicana where local cabarets and staged every night.

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