Why You Need to Stay in Penang


Penang is a city in Malaysia that is home to many attractions both small and large, and there are certainly many reasons to book your stay here than in other larger locations. Penang is the perfect place to bring a family on holiday, travel alone, or just with a romantic partner, primarily because there are attractions suitable for all travellers. During your stay, be sure to stop wherever you can and search for hidden gems, such as paintings on the walls and other artwork slightly hidden among normal objects.

Street Art

Penang is home to many popular street art locations that have become known to Georgetown, especially to visiting tourists. Running around the city with a friend and finding hidden pieces of art can be a great deal of fun, and is a great way to stumble across some of the best eateries and shops. To make the exploration a bit safer and less confusing, you could pin the locations on a navigation app and take your time moving from one part of Georgetown to another.

The Blue Mansion

There are daily guided tours around the history of Cheong Fatt Tze, or Blue Mansion, that take place at 11:00, 14:00, and 15:30. These tours are designed to offer insight into the building’s history. This mansion is also a hotel with 18 rooms, and guests may take photos against the famous blue walls during their stay in the building. This is one mansion that will leave you ready to come back for another tour, just to learn something new on your next visit.

The Hotels

When looking to make a Penang hotel booking, you do not need to be conservative in your choices since Malaysia is a city with exceptionally affordable costs of living. Unlike many European countries, Malaysia is significantly lower in cost for nearly anything, including food, accommodations, and travel. Lower costs should allow you to stay at far more luxurious hotels without needing to worry about an unreasonable price tag.

The hotels also come with a number of amenities, from restaurants to spas, and will make your stay all the more enjoyable. Your time in Malaysia will be more enjoyable with a warm, soft bed to return to at the end of the day, and many dedicated servers to keep your stay fun. Whether you travel alone, with a romantic partner, or in a group, there is no shortage of great options available.

Historic Center

It is easy to spend a day or two wandering around the expansive historic centre. With plenty of vintage and traditional shop houses to explore, you will find yourself passing through Little India and Chinatown as you search for more street art and eateries. This is your opportunity to stop and explore the Penang life happening around you, and there are many welcoming locals happy to show you the best places to shop, eat, and explore.

Penang is a city awash with history, culture, and adventure, and there are many places that would excite a child as much as an adult. During your stay, be sure to eat as much as you can and bring home something unique from your stay.